On The Nature of Patio Coverings

Patio Coverings may be a trifle in the…

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27th May 2015

Shingles 101

Shingles 101

Roof shingles are not to be confused with their unsightly medical…

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Roofers are Protected by the National Roofing Contractors Association

The field of commercial…

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Preparing the Roof for Spring

Spring can be a magical time, full of sunny…

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Roof Coating Explained

It may surprise some to lean that roof coating has…

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Roofing / 11th May 2015

Gutters 101

What are Gutters?

The word gutter comes from the Latin 'gutta'…

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At Gryphon Roofing, we stick to standard roofing solutions.…

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Remembering a Champion of Roofing

Two weeks before receiving the coveted…

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