Foam Roofing

Everything you need to know about foam roofs

What is a foam roof?

Foam roofs are made up of polyurethane foam that is initially sprayed as a liquid and expands into a foam with elastomeric coating underneath. The elastomeric coating is water resistant and can repel water from penetrating the roof. The highly-dense polyurethane foam is sprayed over it, which shields the roof from the rain and sun. Many commercial buildings use foam roofing as their choice, and it may be suitable for your home, as well.

Not all roofs are created equal

Pros and Cons of a Foam Roof

Foam roofs are fairly simple at their core in terms of design and installation. Watching our experienced roofers work may make it look easy, but as the saying goes, "Only an expert can make a task look easy." To start, we coat the roof with elastomeric coating as the membrane, preventing water penetrating the roof. The roofers start spraying the polyurethane foam all over the roof, allowing the liquid to expand into a foam.

Pros of a Foam Roof

  • Energy Efficient – Foam roofing is a good insulator for preventing heat to enter through the roofs.
  • Maintenance – Once installed, foam roofing requires minimal maintenance and can last over 50 years if managed correctly.
  • Seamless and Waterproof

Cons of a Foam Roof

  • To install a foam roof, the weather must be without any hail, rain, or any moisture in the forecast.
  • There's the potential to overspray the foam.

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Hail and Wind

Sample Foam Roof Damage

One the roof on the left, you can see that the foam material is peeling away due to deterioration from sunlight.

On the roof in the middle, we can see circular damages, which were done from hail.

The roof on the right is an example of bubbling from the interior of the foam material, also known as blistering. Blistering happens when there is moisture trapped between the underlayment and the foaming material.

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"I just had my roof repaired about 2 weeks ago. The people at Gryphon roofing have been outstanding, from the friendliness of the people at the main office, the professionalism of the inspector and thoroughness of the roofers themselves. I am very pleased that I contacted Gryphon to repair my roof and would recommend them to anyone that asks."
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"Used them to perform an inspection on the roof of a home I am interested in buying. Came out next day, punctual, gave me an honest report and had a written estimate to me by that evening. Ryan was great. Have not had them perform work yet would not hesitate to use them."
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