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Everything you need to know about tile roofs.

What is a Tile Roof?

Here in the Phoenix area, concrete tile and clay tile roofs are very common; most new housing developments throughout the last 25 years have tile roofs. Most of the problems we see and deal with involve older homes, although on occasion newer homes with tile installations can and do leak. It is crucial that the installation of any roof system is done just right… even more so on a tile roof system. Failure to do so could potentially cause future leaks.

Not all roofs are created equal

Pros and Cons of a Tile Roof

Tile roofing is one of the oldest types of roofing that contains a modern look. You may be uncertain about which type of roofing you are looking for, but rest assured, we will put your uncertainties to rest based on our knowledge and experience on roofing.


  • Durability – Due to its structural integrity, tile roofs can last up to 50 years, if not more. It can withstand wind, fire, and hail damages.
  • Air Circulation – Tile roofs can help circulate the air in your home better than other roofing materials. This way, it'll keep your temperatures indoor at a more reasonable level to your liking!
  • Aesthetics and Customization – Tiles can be customized to your preferred patterns and be chosen from assorted colors. Be mindful though, as colors are limited to its deterioration.
  • Low Maintenance!


  • The upfront cost is a lot more than other materials and may take longer to install. Repair costs are higher whenever a tile gets cracked or damaged.
  • While durable, tiles can be brittle and may break upon impact of fallen branches or being walked on.

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Hail and Wind

Sample Tile Damage

On the roof on the left, you can see that the tiles are cracked and chipped away. This is caused by either objects being flung at the tiles or people walking across the roof. However sturdy they may be, tiles can be susceptible to being brittle.

The roof on the right is what's known as a "dead valley". This is where the roof is not steep enough and water has no where else to travel but to stay in that valley. Overtime, this will whittle away the tiles and cause leak damage.

Choose your fav!

Tile Colors & Styles

There are MANY styles of roof tiles, made of different materials, with different colors and flashings.

Roof Tile Materials:

  • Concrete – A durable tile that is the most commonly used tile today on residential roofs. Modern take on the roof tile and can be designed in may ways.
  • Clay – A more brittle tile that can not be walked on, but still holds up well to the sun. Great historical look.
  • Sandcast – A sun dried, un-fired clay tile that is very delicate. Has a lot of texture and character.

Roof Tile Profiles:

Flat Tile ▼

flat-tile flat-tile-brown

S-Tile - Concrete ▼

s-tile_gray s-tile

W Tile - Concrete ▼

w-tile_brown w-tile_slate

2 Pc - Clay Tile ▼

2 Pc - Sandcast ▼

Colors & Blends:

  • Colors: Colors vary greatly per the type of tile and specifically the manufacturer. We suggest clicking one of the manufacturers links below to browse color options on their website.
  • Blends: Some manufacturers offer blends of roof tiles, which will be sold with a random spattering of different colored tiles with the intention of having a blended roof look as seen here:


Check out some of the colors and styles offered by industry leading tile manufacturers:

Concrete ► eagle-tile-logo-small [Boral-Tile-Logo-small]

Clay & Sandcast ► redlands_clay_tile_logo [usTile-boral]

Imported ► ludowici_logo

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