Preparing the Roof for Spring

Posted on Saturday, 16th May 2015

Preparing the Roof for Spring

Spring can be a magical time, full of sunny days, green fields, and the feeling of youth. However, a cracked shingle, or a roof leak will surely cause homeowners to lament the April showers which breed May flowers. At Gryphon Roofing we’re happy to share a few helpful tips to help ease homeowners into the spring season.

Evaluate the Roofing Surface

The first thing homeowners should do is briefly survey the visible condition of the roof. Are there any cracked, dissipated, or absent shingles? These areas are particularly prone to water damage. An absent shingle can serve as a natural funnel, drawing water to it and collecting rain water, forming a stagnant pool. Homeowners should replace any damaged shingles before the spring season rolls around, or call a qualified roofing professional like Gryphon Roofing if they are incapable of replacing the damaged shingle themselves.

Cleaning the Gutter

The Gutter serves a vital function in roof maintenance and longevity. It is essentially what flood control is to city planning. Without the gutter, water would drain aimlessly from the roof. It would scatter without a direction, most likely on top of unwelcomed places, like your car, rose bush, or head. The Gutter reroutes water to a gutter drain, which spouts rain water in a safe convenient place. In order for this to work properly, some gutter maintenance is required. Regularly removing debris from your gutter is the surest was to promote proper gutter drainage when preparing the roof for spring. The debris also adds to the weight of your gutter, which places harmful stress on your roofs drainage system.

Call the Pro

The surest way to usher your home into the spring properly is to call a qualified expert like Gryphon Roofing Company. Regular maintenance of your roof can save you thousands in the long run, as the lifespan of your roof is drastically increased.

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