Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce your name?

GRIF - UHN: Listen to a sample
What is a Gryphon / Griffon / Griffin? In folklore, the Gryphon was known to be a protector of treasures & priceless possessions, as your contractor we will protect your treasures. We will ensure to cover your property with the best roofing options to keep your possessions safe. Imagine the giant wings of a Gryphon shrouding your property from a storm, that is our goal.

Do you give Free Estimates?

Roofing: Yes! For home-owners that are interested in taking on a roofing project (big or small), we offer 100% free estimates. Sometimes due to high demand of rain we can't always get out to give you that FREE estimate quickly, but we are more than happy to schedule you and get to you as soon as we can. Our estimators run anywhere from 5-8 appointments a day, so it's hard to add a "same day" stop to the itinerary.

What is the difference between a Roof Estimate, a Roof Inspection, and a Roof Certification?

Roof Estimate: These are the Free Estimates that we provide when you know something is wrong with your roof (need a roofing project completed) and want to have an estimate for either a roof repair or replacement roof.

Roof Inspection: A Roof Inspection is when you need to have a written report from the opinion of a licensed roofer on what the estimated remaining lifespan of the roof is which also includes photo evidence. This costs $250 and includes thoroughly checking out the entire roof and providing a repair estimate, if needed. This is generally used when a house is up for sale. This is only our opinion. We do not warranty these roofs.
Note: If you have us repair your roof after getting a Roof Inspection where we found a roofing issue, then we will deduct the cost of the inspection from the final repair amount. So if we proposed a $600 repair and you already paid for the $250 inspection, it would only cost you the additional $350 to get the repair done.

Roof Certification: A Roof Certification means that we inspect the entire roof (or sometimes one section only) and certify that the roof will be free of leaks for two years – no matter who did the roof. Any leaks on that roof in the next two years would be our responsibility, so this has a higher cost to it starting at $450; depending on the type and size of the roof. If a repair is needed before we can certify the roof, an estimate is given and the certification is dependent on the repair being done.

What areas do you service?

Residential Roofing: We mainly serve the greater Phoenix Metro area, however there are times/situations we are willing to travel further. Please call and we will see if we can work with you!

Commercial Roofing: We are licensed in Arizona, Nevada, and California and are happy to bid your commercial projects in these Southwestern States. We have a satellite office and crews in Las Vegas ready to take on your projects. Our crews that are based out of our headquarters in Tempe, AZ can and will travel all over the State to get a job done; with a ton of work being done along the western border of Arizona.

What kinds of warranties do you offer?

We have a few different kinds of roof warranties: Workmanship Warranty, No-Leak Warranty, and Roof Coating Warranty. You can download and read samples of our Warranties on our downloads page, please give us a call if you want any specifics detailed out further.

Do you charge for credit cards?

It is in our policy to collect a 3% fee on all of our contracts over $5,000, however we typically waive this fee for prompt payment. We also do not charge for ACH payments or checks.

How much will it cost to fix my roof / replace my roof?

Residential Roofing: Roofs are very unique and each one needs its own estimate to give you an accurate projection of the cost to repair/replace your roof. Our minimum price for any roof repair is $550. Contact us today so we can setup an appointment for your free roof estimate.

How long will it take to complete my project?

Residential Roofing: Speaking in general terms of our average projects:
• Repairs can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days.
• Roof replacements are typically two to six days

Size of roof, complexity of roof design, weather, and man power can and will affect how long the project can take.

Our mission is to provide a superior roofing and remodeling experience to our customers through excellent communication and superb customer service. Service Reigns™


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