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Everything you need to know about shingle roofs.

What is a shingle roof?

For many home owners and commercial property owners in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, shingle roofing is a pretty long-lasting and very cost-effective roof. The water proofing that a shingle roof system provides is second to none and the life span of asphalt shingles makes them a great choice. Shingles are made up of different materials, namely modified bitumen (aka asphalt), fiberglass, and colored granules.

Not all roofs are created equal

Pros and Cons of a Shingle Roof

Shingle roofs are fairly simple at their core in terms of design and installation. Watching our experienced roofers work may make it look easy, but years of work and millions of hammer swings later we can attest that shingling a house is still tough work. Beginning with a well-installed underlayment that creates a solid base waterproofing layer, we move on to the strip of starter shingles around the rake and hips of your roof to ensure tight and clean roof edges. The roofers start shingling from the bottom, installing in rows, overlapping their way to the ridge of the roof to ensure water trickles over the top and off the edge of your property.

Pros of a Shingle Roof

  • Cost Effective – The relatively low cost of a shingle roof makes them highly desirable by those looking for long-lasting roof at a modest cost.
  • Fairly Easy Install – Compared to other roofing materials, shingles are individually light and easier to move around. With some basic tools, anyone can start to install a shingle roof—just need to keep your lines nice and straight!
  • Aesthetic and Budget Variety – There are many different price points when it comes to shingles. There are the basic 3-Tab variety that lie flat but get the job done, and there are many types of dimensional shingles with different colors and patterns.

Cons of a Shingle Roof

  • Shingles are not recyclable, eventually the sun and weather will wear them down, and they will need to be removed and thrown out.
  • Shingles are lightweight and, thus, are susceptible to wind and hail damage.

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Shingle Colors & Styles

There are four different styles of shingles; architectural, performance, designer, and traditional "3-tab". Learn more about the differences between them on IKO's website.

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Hail and Wind

Sample Shingle Damage

On the roof on the left, you can see that the owner chose to install a second layer of shingles over the first. This is a completely acceptable and normal practice in roofing, however, it is likely that they used too short of fasteners to ensure that the shingles are attached well.

On the roof in the middle, we can see patches of granule loss, which is caused by hail striking the shingles with great force. The impact loosens the granules that were previously adhered to the shingle allowing them to slip and slide off. This greatly reduces the lifespan of a shingle roof and should be addressed right away.

The roof on the right is an example of an older shingle roof showing granule loss due to age. The granules are starting to lose their adhesion to the shingle due to normal wear-and-tear and exposure to the elements. As wind and rain buffet the aging shingles, granules detach, and it is common to see granules around the perimeter of your property after a storm.

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