Window Replacement Projects

Posted on Monday, 20th April 2015

Window Replacement Projects

Although our company’s name is “Gryphon Roofing,” we also offer home renovation and repair solutions. Windows generally have a high life expectancy, but occasionally dust, grime, and deleterious UV rays from the sun necessitate the replacement of windows. Replacing windows may at first seem a triviality, a ripple in the water. But smart homeowners know that installing a new energy efficient window can make all the difference aesthetically and financially, by conserving energy for a sustainable environment.

Energy Efficient Window Panes

As the population begins to rise steadily, due to advances in medicine and improving nutrition, people are becoming increasing aware that the environment is in jeopardy. Natural resources are depleting rapidly, and according to a recent article in The New Yorker, human kind is scheduled to deplete its resources by 2050. Although we are somewhat skeptical of this claim at Gryphon Roofing, we find that assisting with the preservation of the environment helps us sleep a bit better at night. Therefore, we offer various services such as solar panels, solar water heaters, and most recently energy efficient windows. Customers installing energy efficient windows can reclaim a tax credit from the IRS, while saving money on their cooling and heating bill—not to mention preserving the environment.

How it Works

Energy efficient windows function similarly to earth’s atmosphere and the ozone layer. Heat from the sun penetrates through the window and remains trapped in the house. Older windows tend to be thinner than new energy efficient windows, and thus heat enters and escapes easily. By trapping in heat, homeowners can expect their heating bills to decrease in the winter; in the summer thick energy conserving windows maintain the houses internal temperature, using less energy to maintain the same degree of cooling. This is basically physics, because the hydrogen and oxygen atoms of the cool air will move slowly, while the hotter atoms from the sun will move rapidly and thus escape the house quickly.

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