Ways a New Roofing System Can Help Save Energy

Posted on Friday, 14th October 2016

Energy Efficient Roof Systems

According to the Federal Trade Commission, heating and cooling the home is responsible for around 50 percent of the amount that goes into utility bills. The good news is that you can change this by installing a new roofing system. In fact, your roof is capable of playing a crucial role in making your home more energy efficient. The summer heat and chill of winter need perfect defenses, which you can get with the right kind of roof.

So, how does a new roofing system help conserve energy?

Properly Insulated

A poorly insulated roof is less energy efficient, and will allow more heat to enter in summer, and more heat to escape in the winter. This can result in ineffective heating and cooling and an increase to heating and cooling costs throughout the year. New roofing systems come with the best in insulation, including new installation techniques. Older homes in particular are prone to poor roofing systems due to age and outdated techniques or materials, and should consider looking into a new roofing system to cut back on heating and cooling costs.

They Possess High Solar Reflectance and Emittance Levels

Energy-efficient roofing systems available today include reflective roofs. Such roofs are renowned for their high solar reflectance. These roofs have no problem reflecting energy from the sun back into the environment, rather than absorbing it. These roofs can reduce surface temperatures by about 30 percent. Another quality of energy-efficient roofs is ‘high emittance levels’, which simply refers to their efficiency at releasing any heat they have absorbed from the sun back into the environment, rather than trapping it in the roofing system and home.

Government Recognized

One of the most effective strategies you can employ to ensure that your roof is energy efficient is to install those marked 'Energy Star'. The labeling is the work of the government to encourage homeowners to spend money installing energy-efficient products on their properties, which can in turn earn homeowners tax incentives and rebates. If you live in an area that has warm climate, you should install light-colored roofs, as they are better at reflecting heat. Dark-colored roofs are good for cooler climates, as they absorb heat better.

Energy-efficient roofs are costly. However, there are less expensive ways to get a more energy-efficient roofing system than replacing the entire roof, like coatings. Covering the roof with light-colored coating is a proven method of lowering the costs of cooling your home. With the right roof coating in place, you will notice a significant reduction on heating and cooling bills. The right coating can lower the surface temperature of the roofs by as much as 50°C - 80°C.

When you embark on the search for energy-efficient roofs, your focus should be on concrete roofs and clay tiles. These two types can cost more to install, but they make up for this by being more energy efficient in all climates compared to all other materials. Aluminum roofs and unpainted metal are worth avoiding, as they are poor at releasing energy.

Solar Panels

Installing new photovoltaic cells on the roof serves two purposes, which are:

1) Protecting the home

2) Producing electricity from the sun

Green Roofs

One of the less utilized methods of energy-efficient roofing is the green roof. These roofing structures are generally used in commercial buildings, and involve the production of a garden within the roofing system. Green roofs have more benefits than you realize. They conserve energy, eliminate storm water runoff, boost quality of air, and cool the surroundings during the hot summer months.

For more information on ways a new roofing system can help save energy, contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling.

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