Vanquishing Mold from your Roof

Posted on Saturday, 27th June 2015

Mold is one of the biggest threats to your home, and one of the most insidious assailants to your roof. Indeed, mold growth will result in moisture accumulation, causing your roof to sag, and eventually leak. What more, mold growth can infiltrate your HVAC system, which can cause serious harm to your lungs and your overall health. Indeed, mold is a roofer’s mortal enemy and we scorn it like the plague here at Gryphon roofing.

Mold 101

Mold, or stachybotryschatarum is a simple organism that tends to spawn when water is present. Indeed, mold intends no harm to humans, but it must be eliminated nevertheless. If it’s allowed to seep into the cracks of a building it can bring down the entire integrity of your roof and home. So it is always best to be on guard for this deadly assailant.

Vanquishing Mold From Your Roof

Regular roof maintenance from a professional company like Gryphon Roofing is the surest way to keep mold at bay, and protect your roof, home, and its inhabitants. Also, the regulation of humidity will help deter mold growth. As long as moisture is absent mold cannot thrive. So in Arizona mold growth will only occur in instances where water is spilled. Places like Florida, or Georgia are especially vulnerable to mold growth. Another contribution to mold growth is stagnation. If air is not permitted to flow freely, mold can take root, and be fruitful and multiply.

At Gryphon roofing we take great pains to assure that all our roofs are mold free. We are truly satisfied to know that our customers are safe and sound, happy, with a roof over their head. If you’d like to learn more click here.

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