The Danger Of Leaks Caused By A Faulty Roof

Posted on Tuesday, 1st July 2014

The Danger Of Leaks Caused By A Faulty Roof

A leaking roof is perhaps one of the greatest concerns of any homeowner looking to protect their investment over the long term. As such, it is a good idea to always stay proactive with regard to monitoring a roof for potential leaks and having proper maintenance, repair and inspections performed on a roof when necessary. This is a smart way to save money and to protect perhaps one of the biggest investments most people have today, their home.

Protect Your Home From Serious Water Damage

Leaks are a serious concern and can sometimes be hard to detect. One of the easiest ways to identify leaks is to wait for a heavy rain to occur. During times of heavy rain use a flashlight to inspect your attic and not only look but also listen for possible leaks. Taking the time to do a complete visual inspection of your ceiling, attic and external roof can ultimately protect your home from serious water damage. Other visual checks that can help homeowners identify potential leaks include yellowing or dark spots on a ceiling. This is a clear sign of an existing or previous leak.

Water Damage Can Result In Rot

Leaks are also dangerous because of the fact that they can cause serious damage to the inside areas of the walls throughout your home. Typically speaking, water located in the walls of a home can ultimately promote the development of mold. In addition to mold, water damage can result in rot also contributing to the area becoming a breeding ground for insects, pests and bugs. Most importantly, many experts have indicated that mold is extremely toxic to the occupants of a building. This is another good reason to never ignore leaks.

All Components Of A Roof

The danger of insidious and ongoing leaks that are the result of a faulty roof should always be addressed immediately and aggressively. Staying proactive with regard to roof maintenance ultimately means keeping your most important investment safe and secure year after year. Professional roofing contractors that understand the intricacies of all components of a roof are typically the best first line of defense for homeowners. These professionals can quickly assess and detect any leaks or potential leak prone areas as a way to immediately remedy the situation. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today as a way to learn more about quality roofing inspections in Phoenix.

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