The Benefits And Advantages Of Choosing Solar Shingles

Posted on Wednesday, 17th September 2014

The Benefits And Advantages Of Choosing Solar Shingles

As more and more people look for innovative ways to save energy and conserve natural resources, they are increasingly turning to solar shingles as a viable and smart alternative to traditional roofing materials. While the installation process for solar shingles is different than the installation process for traditional shingles, ultimately having solar shingles installed is a relatively straightforward and affordable process.

Energy Savings

As a note of caution, having solar shingles installed typically takes longer than having a traditional roof installed. However, with that said, the extra time, effort and cost involved is often well worth the effort. Solar shingles will pay for themselves after several years of use just in energy savings alone. Solar shingles are unique in that they have photovoltaic modules built directly into their very structured. Considered a complete and independent unit, each solar shingle is able to harness sunlight and directly convert it into AC current that can then be used to charge batteries or to power appliances within a home.

Solar Shingles Make Smart Sense In Today’s Energy Conscious World

On average, a typical solar shingle will produce approximately 50 W of electrical energy. With that said, there are many variations of solar shingles available today. Larger shingles will produce considerably more electrical energy while some smaller and less expensive shingles that are solar will produce somewhat less electrical energy. Either way, solar shingles make smart sense in today’s energy conscious world. Considered to be extremely environmentally friendly, solar shingles are a clean source of electrical energy.

Solar Shingles Are Considered Good Insulators

Many estimates suggest that solar shingles can help homeowners save up to 65% on power bills when they are installed correctly. Producing power provided by the sun via roofing shingles is a smart and effective way to be more environmentally conscious. Another added advantage of choosing solar shingles for a roof replacement or a new roof installation is that they are easy and affordable to replace. Best of all, solar shingles can resist wind, rain and storms as well as other types of traditional roofing material. Another side advantage is that solar shingles are considered good insulators and protect a home in many cases better than other types of roofing material. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today to learn more about Phoenix roofing installation and roofing services.

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