Roofing Masterpieces

Posted on Sunday, 26th April 2015

Roofing Masterpieces

At Gryphon Roofing, we enjoy the beauty and ingenuity of roofs all around the world. The old adage, “shoes are the most important part of the outfit has its counterpart in architecture—roofs are the most important aspect of the building. Indeed, great artificers through the ages have constructed brilliant roofing designs as a testament to the ingenuity of the human mind.

Hospices: Beaune, Burgundy France

This remarkable roofing design was ordered by Nicolas Rolin (chancellor of Burgundy) in the 1400’s as a hospital for the poor. It now serves as a museum, exemplifying the genius of fifteenth century architecture. Most noteworthy about this hospices is the intricate patterns employed by Flemish Architect Jaques Wiscere. In the world of architecture, many consider the hospices the finest achievement in roofing.

Sydney Opera House

In the ranks of the great roofs, the Sydney Opera House is accredited as being the most recent and modern. The curvaceous shapes forming the roof, called “shells” by architects,” almost look like a pointy medieval helmet. The designing process involved the first use of computers for structural analysis. Surprisingly though, the added expense of design on the front end saved the overall production cost millions of dollars. The concrete shells are actually lightweight and inexpensive. The Sydney Opera house is a glorifying example of modern expressionist design, as the shells blend into the Sydney harbor as if they were waves.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

At Gryphon Roofing, the award for best roof of all times, goes to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Located in Vienna, Austria, this 14th century masterpiece is covered with innumerable, multi colored, glazed tiles, forming intricate geometric patterns—including an eagle and the coat of arms of wealthy families. Moreover, the roof is designed so that absolutely no maintenance is required. The roof is so steep that rain water suffices to wash off the illustrious, kaleidoscopic tiles.

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