Roof Shingles Explained

Posted on Sunday, 5th April 2015

Roof Shingles Explained

Essentially, roof Shingles are a roof covering, laid in an overlapping pattern with the shingles horizontal to the axis of the roof. The word “shingle,” as it relates to roofing, comes from the German shindle which literally translates to “roofing slate.” Shingles are amongst the most common option for roof covering, and tend to offer the highest aesthetic appeal. Shingles can be made from wood, slate, flagstone, metal, composite material, and asphalt.

The choice of shingle composition is usually contingent on the environment. Typically, roofers like to use shingles composed of material readily available. This is done for two reasons. First, using shingles composed of the natural material unique to an environment adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house. This is in line with Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie landscape movement, which emphasized the inclusion of natural surroundings into the architecture of the house. Secondly, using shingles from readily available material drives the cost down of the roof. That is why in Phoenix, we at Gryphon Roofing often use Spanish style clay shingles made from rock for roofing—Phoenix has an abundance of this as every resident know.

The type of shingle utilized determines the proper roof pitch and construction method. Some shingles can be installed using lath, whereas other types of shingles require solid sheathing on the roof deck. Regardless of the roof’s pitch, shingling requires working from the bottom up, beginning with a lead edge to prevent the occurrence of leaks. Additionally, it is common practice to layer the roof with some sort of undelaying material that protects the roof from leaks. Various options include felt paper, asphalt, and composite covering material. A cracked roof has the potential to literally sink the entire house. The intense climate of the desert leaves roofs vulnerable to dryness and cracking, and thus, leaking. If you have a leak in your roof, call Gryphon Roofing to repair it today rather than leave that bucket of water in the living room to catch those penetrating rain drops.

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