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Posted on Thursday, 14th July 2016

Roof Repair Services for Common Roof Problems

Most of the time, the roof repair problems we experience are best dealt with by professionals. Here are some common roof problems that experts deal with most of the time.

Of all the parts of the house, the roof is perhaps the one component that most residents tale for granted. We just assume that the roof is doing its job. We have a roof over our heads, so it doesn’t matter if it’s raining hard, snow is falling, or if the sun is shining relentlessly. It’s only when we notice there’s a problem that we call the roof experts to fix things. And it’s why Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling is tops in Phoenix roof repair, when residents would have saved more money had they just called in the company to make regular inspections.

A properly maintained roof can last for at least 2 decades, especially with regular maintenance. But often that maintenance isn’t done regularly and that’s why roof repair in Phoenix is much more common than it should be.

Here are some of the more common problems in roof repair:

  1. Leaks. This is probably the most common problem noticed by homeowners. And it’s a clear-cut sign that something is definitely wrong. For newer roofs that are only a few years old, it’s often a sign that there were some serious mistakes during the roof’s installation.

The roofer who did the installation may not have fastened the flashing properly. The right moisture barrier may also not have been installed. The head laps (which make the roof watertight) may also be inadequate, and the backwater laps can cup the water and cause leaks to flow under the layers. And poor seams can also cause leaks, especially with single-ply.

  1. Poor workmanship. Even without leaks, a poorly executed roof installation is a disaster. When roof installation is faulty, more problems are more likely to crop up, and it also reduces the effective lifespan of the roof. Adhesion problems are very common, especially when area hasn’t been properly cleaned, dried and primed before the installers put up the roof. These mistakes can then end up in eventual problems and premature failure or aging.

Even the materials that will be installed should be properly prepared. For example, the sheets must first be relaxed properly before they’re installed.

  1. Ponding water. Among all types of roofs, ponding water is a very prevalent problem. This is especially true when it’s a dead-level roof. There should be some active measures to prevent this sort of thing. And before this problem is repaired, care must be taken that its cause is determined. If the cause isn’t discovered, then the ponding can reoccur eventually.

Potential causes of this problem can be HVAC units that don’t have condensate drain lines. The drains should also be inspected so that any dirt, silt, and debris can be removed.

  1. Improper repairs. It’s not always a good idea to engage in DIY repairs, especially when the problem is serious and you’re not really sure what you’re doing. You may just as like make things much worse.

One common mistake some homeowners make is with metal roofs, when they use caulking and plastic roof cement and other improper materials. These things are not designed for repairing metal roofs, so even a small problem can become much more serious. And while a 5-gallon container of plastic cement can work with a built-up roof, using it for a single ply-membrane can damage the roof altogether.

  1. Blistering. Other problems of this type include splitting, ridging, and surface erosion. Metal roofs can become rusty or loose, and these will need to be fixed immediately.

  2. Lack of maintenance. It’s easy to ignore the roof, but it should be inspected regularly so that very small problems can be detected and foxed before they become more serious. Often, the roof repair specialists are called in for expensive problems that could have been avoided had there been regular inspections for the roof.

  3. Reduced wind resistance. This can be indicated by tenting and billowing and these types of damage can also result in reduced puncture resistance.

These problems can be handled with professional roofing repair specialists. They’re not for DIY enthusiasts at all!

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