Roof Related Warning Signs Worth Considering

Posted on Friday, 27th June 2014

Roof Related Warning Signs Worth Considering

Many times a roof is taken for granted yet it is probably one of the most important structural components of any building. Taking the time to consider a few roof related warning signs can ultimately save homeowners money, time and trouble over the years. In fact, it is recommended by many roofing experts to have an annual inspection performed on your roof as a way to save money and protect your investment.

Serious Damage

One example of a warning sign related to a roof is when mold or moss is collecting on a roof. This typically occurs in areas of a roof that are heavily shaded and where moisture is often present. Typically speaking, the northern most section of a roof is where this type of problem commonly occurs. Dark streaks are usually indicative of the formation of mold. What is alarming is that these dark streaks can often be overlooked ultimately resulting in more serious damage later on. This is due to the fact that dark streaks can be misconstrued as something else altogether.

Minimize The Effects Of Mold

In the simplest of terms, dark streaks should not be ignored and should always be inspected. Mold can eventually eat away at roofing material causing considerable levels of deterioration ultimately leading to leaks. Always consider having landscaping crews trim back trees as a way to minimize the effects of mold on your roof. Anytime shade is reduced the growth of mold will be far less likely. Other important considerations with regard to roof care and maintenance include checking for rust, algae and fungus. When a roof collects algae, rust or moss it is a good idea to consider installing lead or zinc type control scripts.

Periods Of Heavy Rain

Finally, keeping a watchful lookout for any leaks could ultimately save a substantial amount of money in major roof repairs. Most importantly, leaks can get worse over time and cause very costly damage to the interior of a house. Make it a habit of checking regularly for leaks in your ceiling, attic and other parts of your home. During periods of heavy rain or when a storm is raging is sometimes the best time to conduct a leak inspection. Follow these simple tips and keep your roof in the best condition possible. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today for quality Phoenix roofing services.

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