Renovation Tips Designed To Cut Energy Costs

Posted on Thursday, 31st July 2014

Renovation Tips Designed To Cut Energy Costs

A renovation project is the perfect opportunity to greatly enhance the energy efficiency of any home. As such, there are a number of simple tips worth considering prior to initiating any renovation project. Following these tips can result in lowering energy costs and expenses on an annual basis. Working with an experienced contractor can go a long way in achieving the desired results with regard to producing a more energy-efficient home.

New Energy Star Type Appliances

When planning for a renovation project one of the easiest and first steps in achieving a more energy-efficient environment is to consider buying energy-saving appliances. A renovation project is the perfect opportunity to simply swap out non-efficient older appliances with new energy Star type appliances that are highly efficient. Even a new water heater that is heavily insulated can go a long way in saving money each and every month in terms of energy expenditure. Next, it is important to consider high-quality windows and doors that are intended to greatly reduce heating and cooling losses.

Greatly Improve Energy Efficiency

Even if new windows will not be installed, UV film can be considered as a less expensive option that will serve to reduce energy bills each and every month. A renovation project is also the perfect opportunity to add additional insulation to the attic and walls. Installing genuine fiberglass insulation can greatly enhance the energy efficiency of any home. Flooring is another area of a home that can be modified to greatly improve energy efficiency. Using extra thick subfloor products and heavy carpeting or hardwood flooring can go a long way in helping to retain heat in a home.

Closing Existing Windows To Opening Up New Windows

Finally, modifying the position and placement of windows and doors can also serve to enhance energy efficiency. Rearranging doors and windows to promote better airflow or to avoid direct sunlight can greatly improve energy efficiency. From closing existing windows to opening up new windows, the possibilities are endless when homeowners work with an experienced contractor that does this type of work on a daily basis. Explore the possibilities with regard to saving energy by taking advantage of a remodeling project to modify a home in a more energy-efficient way. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today to learn more about Phoenix residential and commercial remodeling projects that get results.

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