Redesigning A Kitchen Around What Is Known As The Triangle

Posted on Wednesday, 16th July 2014

Redesigning A Kitchen Around What Is Known As The Triangle

Many remodeling experts often use something known as the kitchen triangle when remodeling this particular room in a home. Often referred to as the classic kitchen triangle, this standard design concept can be used in virtually any type of kitchen and in any type of home. From a small and modest older residential home to an impressive and grand custom home, the basic kitchen triangle always remains the same.

Transition Back And Forth

In short, a kitchen triangle is intended to help organize and better regulate workflow. The primary concept adheres to the notion that the cook or chef should be able to transition back and forth between three primary points in a kitchen unimpeded. These three points include the stove or cooking area, the refrigerator and the sink. Most importantly, the distance between each of these three points should not be excessive in any way. All this planning is intended to make a kitchen more functional for those that enjoy cooking and preparing food.

Least Essential Point

In many ways, the sink is considered the primary point in the triangle. Next, the stove or cooking surface should be located within just a few feet of the first point, that being the sink. And finally, the refrigerator is the last point in the triangle. Perhaps the least essential point in the triangle because it is used less than the other two points, the refrigerator can sometimes be a little bit outside the triangle or little bit farther away than the other two points. However, with that said the door of the refrigerator should be designed to open up within the triangle parameters.

Enjoy The Best In Functionality

In most instances each leg of the triangle should average about seven or eight feet in length. However, with that said triangle legs can vary based on each individual remodeling project. Even though this is indeed the case the leg of a triangle should typically not be less than three or four feet in length and not greater than 10 feet in length. This again is all based on allowing a chef or cook to enjoy the best in functionality when working in the kitchen. Redesigning a kitchen around the basic design triangle can go a long way in creating a stunningly attractive and highly functional kitchen. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today to learn more about Phoenix remodeling projects.

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