Re-Roofing Service – Get A New Roof Installed

Posted on Thursday, 30th June 2016

Re-Roofing Service – Get A New Roof Installed

Make Sure Your Roof is Getting Installed Correctly

Some roof installers go about their business the wrong way, and you end up paying for their mistakes. Here’s how roofing company in Phoenix does the job properly.

For some homeowners, the need to save money may tempt them to just go with the roofers that charge the lowest prices. In some cases, residents may even be brave enough to do the job themselves. But often these strategies backfire, and they end up paying a lot more. And they waste so much time doing so. They could have saved money and time with an experienced roofing company in Phoenix.

But how do you know that a Phoenix roofing contractor is installing your roof correctly? While there are some differences, in general a good and conscientious roofer will observe the following guidelines:

  1. Protecting the property. Installing a new roof isn’t supposed to be a casual affair. It can damage the rest of the property, which is why the rest of the house should be fully protected during the entire procedure. The walls, siding, and even the plants should be covered by protection plywood and tarps.

  2. Removing the previous roofing materials. Before the new roof can be put in, obviously the old roof must be removed first. All the old shingles must be taken away.

  3. Inspecting the wood decking. Once the shingles are out of the way, the roofer can then thoroughly inspect the wood decking. This is the part of the house that provides a solid base for the roofing structure. And that means all the rotted, wet, or soft wood must be replaced.

The roofer should also make sure that the wood sheeting is properly attached to the roof rafters. Quite a few roofing “specialists” don’t even bother to check whether there are missing nails when they’re removing the old roofing materials. So they neglect to re-nail the old wood decking when they put in the new shingles. And while the immediate end result may look good at first, after only a few roofs this mistake can result in lots of bumps in the new roof.

A really good roofing contractor will make sure the roof is fully secured by re-nailing the entire wood decking.

  1. Preparing the roof surface. This is really a 3-step process. The first step involves putting in the drip edge at all the edges of the roof. The drip edge is what keeps the rain from getting under the new roofing material through the edges.

Then a special kind of roofing underlayer is put in. It’s called an “ice and water shield” and it sticks to the wood decking so that there aren’t any water leaks afterwards. This must be put in at the roof bottom and at all roof penetrations such as the roof connections, the flanges, and the chimneys.

Finally, the roofing felt is installed to cover the rest of the roof. This keeps the shingles from sticking to the roof.

  1. Laying the new roofing material. When the base of the roof is finally ready, the roofer can now lay out the new roofing material. There are two basic types of roofing systems. The low slope or flat roofing systems include built-up roof (BUR) membranes, thermoplastic membranes like PVC, and SPF roof systems.

Then there’s steep-slope roofing, which include slate roofing, asphalt shingles, metal roofing, wood shakes and wood shingles, clay tiles, and concrete tiles.

  1. Cleaning up the site after the installation. The rule for every proper roofing contractor is simple: you leave the workplace cleaner than when you first came in. So if the installation of the new roof needs several days, then the cleanup should be done daily. It just looks better, and it makes the homeowners feel better too. And making the customer feel better is part of the job.

  2. Doing a final inspection. Once the installation is totally done, then a final inspection must be completed. This isn’t just a cursory once-over. It’s a meticulous inspection that makes sure the roof installation is done right and the customer is completely satisfied.

Installing a new roof? Make sure it’s done right with Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling. This roofing company in Phoenix is located at 2128 E Cedar St, Tempe, AZ 85281. For inquiries, call (480) 994-5500. More information is available at

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