Rain Gutter Maintenance Tips And Tricks For Homeowners

Posted on Wednesday, 17th December 2014

Rain Gutter Maintenance Tips And Tricks For Homeowners

Rain gutters play an essential and important role in keeping the roof of a home in excellent condition year-round. As such, homeowners should make it a point to perform regular and routine maintenance on rain gutters. Even occasional repairs may be necessary and important to ensuring overall integrity of a roof and the surrounding structures. One of the simplest and most basic elements of rain gutter maintenance is to make certain that leaves and debris are always kept out of this type of rain drainage system.

Dislodged Or Loose

Gutters and downspouts should on occasion be cleared of debris and leaves so that they may perform their job as intended. When downspouts become clogged, gutters can overflow which could lead to roofing damage and other problems around the home. In some instances gutters may actually even become dislodged or loose because of excessive water weight. Equally important is to inspect the slope. When rain gutters are installed properly they are slightly sloped in the direction of the downspout. This enables water to flow efficiently. When the slope is improper water can pool and eventually erode gutters.

Checking For Holes And Leaks In Gutters

Another concern with regard to the maintenance of rain gutters is having occasional inspections done for gutters that have potentially separated from a home. When water pools in a gutter it causes excess weight that can cause fasteners to separate over time. In most instances, an annual inspection will detect this type of problem long before it becomes more serious. In addition, checking for holes and leaks in gutters can help to maintain overall levels of integrity in the system. By simply spraying water into gutters using a garden hose, homeowners can check for leaks.

Ensure That A Leak Will Not Become A Further Problem

Leaks are often found where holes have developed or where seams have become separated between various sections of gutter. One easy fix for leaking rain gutters is the use of silicone caulking. Sealing the gutter on both the inside and outside portions can ensure that a leak will not become a further problem. Another excellent product with regard to fixing leaks in gutters is something known as roofing cement. This can easily be applied with a putty knife to stop leaks. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today for the best in Phoenix roofing repair services that are reliable and dependable.

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