Preventing against a Roof Collapse

Posted on Friday, 19th June 2015

Preventing Against A Roof Collapse

Nothing can be more devastating to a home and its occupants then a collapsing roof. Indeed, roofers have nightmares all the time about vanquished roofs. But the good news is that a broken roof can be prevented. Regular maintenance, routine checkups, and roof consciousness will ensure that your home’s roof remains intact.

Signs the Roof is in Danger

If you notice a sagging section of your roof, or if your ceiling is sagging, then caution! Your roof is amidst the eve of destruction. Another warning sign is leakage. This is a sign that your roof is indefinitely on the end of its days. Any bends or unusual formations of your roofs support are another warning sign that a collapse is near. You can track some of these warning signs easily.

Specific Warning Signs

First, any doors or windows that become hard to open are a surefire sign that your home’s roof is on the end of its days. This suggests that your roof is placing added stress on the foundation of your home. A similar technique for prediction collapse involves noticing sprinkler head location. If they have dropped below ceiling tiles, then it is probably that your roof is dire need of repair. Lastly, utility pipes will tell you a lot about your roof. Bent utility pipes are a clear indication of a collapsing structure. You should call a roofer or a home technician immediately.

The Solution

The easiest way to prevent roof collapse is to regularly schedule maintenance calls with a qualified roofing company like Gryphon roofing. Do it yourself efforts involve removing debris and algae accumulation because these will hold moisture, placing adding stress to your home’s roof. Snow is also an obvious assailant to your roof. However, in the southwest this hardly poses a threat to a roof’s longevity.

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