Often Overlooked Dangers To Your Residential Roof

Posted on Tuesday, 17th June 2014

Often Overlooked Dangers To Your Residential Roof

Keeping a roof in the best condition possible is not only a way to protect your investment but it is also a way to keep your home looking great. In addition, a good-looking roof can go a long way in helping homeowners wishing to sell their home. Adding to overall curb appeal and the general appearance of a home, a roof is an important aspect of how your home is portrayed to potential homebuyers.

Maintain Your Roof Properly

With that said, there are a few obvious but sometimes overlooked dangers to a residential roof that should be considered. For example, even those that have periodic inspections performed on the roof will find that the accumulation of leaves, branches and other debris can ultimately cause damage resulting in possible leaks. Take the time to maintain your roof properly by always removing debris, branches and other objects that simply do not belong on a roof. Keeping gutters clean and free of debris can also keep water moving and prevent water from pooling in areas around and on a roof.

Pest Management Company

In addition, another typically overlooked danger to your roof is small rodents and animals. Squirrels and other types of small animals routinely cause damage to a roof. Small rodents can make holes and cause damage that can eventually lead to serious leaks. Anytime a homeowner suspects they hear animals scratching or digging around in their attic they should consult a professional pest management company. Keeping your home completely safe and secure means working with professional roofing contractors as well as pest management companies and landscaping companies to protect your important investment.

Hire A Professional

While many homeowners may choose to inspect the outer portion of their roof on their own, it is highly recommended that a professional roofing contractor be called in for this particular part of roof maintenance. A roof can be a dangerous place where falls often occur. Falling from a roof can result in broken bones, serious injury and a hospital stay. Play it safe and hire a professional roofing contractor to do this type of work. Follow these simple tips to maintain your roof in the best condition possible and avoid these often overlooked dangerous to a residential roof. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today for Phoenix roofing services that get the job done right.

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