Lauding the Virtue of Gutter Gutters and Gutter Guards

Posted on Monday, 15th June 2015

Lauding the Virtue of Gutter Gutters and Gutter Guards

Ever since the genesis of gutters, people have been praising their greatness and attempting to improve them. The word gutter comes from the Latin gutta, meaning drop. Gutters are comprised primarily from iron, lead, steel, zinc, copper, and aluminum. The function of a gutter is essentially to protect the buildings foundation from indefinite erosion.A gutter functions as a rain catcher, which collects and reroutes rainwater away from roof edges. Without a gutter, water would trickle down the side of the house and destroy the building. Gutter’s reroute water and help maintain the frame of your fragile domicile. Regular maintenance is the surest way to assure your home’s gutter is free from buildup of debris. But a gutter guard can mitigate the damage.

The genesis of the gutter gave birth to its offspring the gutter guard. Essentially this is a micro mesh screen that allows water to flow freely across your gutter as it filters out potentially deleterious debris. In our opinion the best gutter guard is called the Rain Drop Gutter Guard. It is sturdy, straightforward, and it will keep required maintenance to a minimum. Indeed, this same company offers a myriad of different gutter guards including strainers, straps, and plastic guards. But once, again there is no magic bullet for gutter maintenance. Regularly removing the debris from your gutter is the only way to ensure that water will be effectively rerouted away from your home.

Although roofing is our game at Gryphon roofing, we encounter gutters frequently in our line of work. Indeed, the gutter is the roofs ugly sister that we all love and pity. No magic bullet can maintain a gutter, but frequent care will no doubt help your roof, home, and peace of mind.

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