Kitchen Remodeling Is Cool!

Posted on Saturday, 24th May 2014

Discover Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Make Sense

Most experts would agree that remodeling a kitchen is one of the best ways to upgrade a home or increase the value of a home. Because this is in fact the case it is good to point out a few smart remodeling tips for those looking to upgrade their existing kitchen. Making your space more livable and more appealing is often the motivation. Even if you are considering selling your home an upgrade of this important room simply makes sense.

The Kitchen Island And Associated Peninsulas

For example, a simple yet often overlooked strategy for getting the most out of your kitchen space is to design the floor plan in such a way that allows for wide walkways. Preferably, oversized walkways should be up to 48 inches wide to ensure that more than one chef or would-be cook will have plenty of room to work in and around the area. Best of all, the kitchen island and associated peninsulas can be adjusted and modified so as to provide maximum walkway space. The end result is a fully functional kitchen where cooking is a genuine pleasure.

The Centrally Located Island Is Another Important Factor

Another key consideration with regard to designing the perfect kitchen is to find the ideal height for appliances such as a microwave. Ideally, a microwave should be between 12 inches and 16 inches above a standard countertop level. This is also an ideal configuration for those wishing to keep children away from this particular appliance. The centrally located island is another factor that should be carefully planned well in advance. Always provide enough kitchen island space to allow for cooking and eating as appropriate.

This Important Space Makes A Kitchen All The More Functional

Finally, it is always a good strategy to plan plenty of landing space in and around appliances and cooking areas within your kitchen. It is best to plan for anywhere from 14 to 18 inches of countertop space on either side of a cook top or appliance like a refrigerator. This important space makes a kitchen all the more functional and a more enjoyable space when it comes to cooking and preparing food. As a side note, it is also a good idea to plan well in advance for plenty of storage throughout your kitchen. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling for the best in kitchen remodeling strategies.

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