Important Decisions With Regard To The Bathroom Remodel Project

Posted on Tuesday, 22nd July 2014

Important Decisions With Regard To The Bathroom Remodel Project

Typically speaking a bathroom remodel project requires making a number of decisions with regard to a variety of elements within a typical bathroom space. Homeowners should plan accordingly and take the time to explore all options prior to making any final decisions with regard to a remodeling project that involves a bathroom. The end result can be an impressive finished product that not only increases the value of a home but also makes the space for more inviting.

Choose To Go With Existing Plumbing And Electrical Layouts

One perfect example of a decision that must be made with regard to remodeling your bathroom is that of staying with existing infrastructure or changing plumbing and electrical routing. The major concern in this regard is cost. Changing the plumbing and electrical outlet layout of a bathroom can be extremely costly. That is perhaps why more homeowners choose to go with existing plumbing and electrical layouts as a way to keep costs under control. With that said, a bathroom remodel can still be quite impressive even without moving plumbing and electrical outlets.

A Tub Can Be Refinished

Another major concern with regard to the remodeling of a bathroom is that of the shower and tub condition. The shower and tub are really the essence of any bathroom and require special care and consideration in any remodeling project. If the shower and tub are beyond repair it is simply better to completely replace these components. In some instances, a tub can be refinished to ultimately look as good as new. All these options must be taken into account well in advance of initiating any bathroom remodel project.

Ceramic Tile And Other Types Of Materials

Finally, bathroom flooring is another major concern that must be carefully considered. Bathrooms typically experience a considerable amount of moisture and water exposure. As such it is important to plan accordingly with regard to flooring. Ceramic tile and other types of materials that are impervious to water are typically the best option. However, many homeowners choose to go with laminate flooring or other types of engineered flooring as a way to save money while still ensuring that the project looks good. As a note it is wise to avoid any type of hardwood flooring in a bathroom installation. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today to learn more about Phoenix bathroom remodeling projects.

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