Home Improvement Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Consider

Posted on Saturday, 18th October 2014

Simple Home Improvement Safety Tips

Home improvement is a key aspect of keeping a home in the best condition possible. Especially worth considering are the many options available to homeowners when it comes to improving safety throughout the home.

Install Smoke Detectors

The installation of high-quality smoke detectors can go a long way in keeping a home safe and secure for many years and decades. When installing smoke detectors it is important to install them in the right locations and on every floor or level.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The installation of carbon monoxide type detectors. These detectors should be installed wherever there is an appliance that burns wood or natural gas. Carbon monoxide detectors should also be installed near a utility room to gain the maximum benefit from these essential safety devices.

Create an Escape Plan for Emergencies

Homeowners should plan ahead and always have an escape route in mind when it comes to emergencies in the home. This is safety planning that is easy to implement and easy to maintain.

Have Fire Extinguishers Readily Available Throughout Your Home

A key aspect of maintaining the highest levels of safety in a home in terms of home improvement is to have fire extinguishers available in the kitchen and at least one fire extinguisher on each level or floor of a home. This is an important aspect of safety that can nip a fire in the bud in the very earliest stages.

Install Stickers on Glass Doors

An inexpensive strategy for improving safety and security around the home is to install decals or stickers at eye level on glass doors so that there is never an accidental breakage of glass due to somebody walking through a door.

Install Motion Detector Lights

Installing modern light fixtures that make use of motion detectors can help to light the entrance to a home automatically. These devices are also useful in deterring theft and crime.

Inspect all Locks and Doors

As an added note, it is always wise to have a locksmith inspect all locks and doors every few years to ensure that these systems are operating at their best. This is another great way to deter theft and crime and keep homeowners save year after year.

Follow these simple home-improvement safety tips to greatly increase safety and reduce the chance of injury around the home. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today to learn more about our contractor services and remodeling services in Phoenix that get results.

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