Hints and Tips For Removing Old Ceramic Tile

Posted on Monday, 29th December 2014

Hints For Removing Old Ceramic Tile

Any remodeling project that involves removing ceramic tile requires careful consideration with regard to this type of work. Even the highest quality ceramic tile, while likely to last decades in many cases, will eventually require removal. With that said, here are some simple hints and tips for removing old ceramic tile that can go a long way in making a project easier and less stressful.

1. Prepare by Moving Furniture and Turning Off Utilities

Prior to removing any old ceramic tile, it is essential to remove items such as toilets, cabinets, and any other items that may be an integral part of the typical bathroom environment. As an added note, it is essential to turn off all electric and water utilities prior to removing any components of a bathroom.

2. Carefully Choose the First Tile to Remove

One of the first steps in removing old ceramic tile is to choose carefully with regard to the first tile that will be removed. In most cases, the first tile to be removed will usually be the hardest to get started. Contractors recommend starting at the center of the room and working out from the first tile that is removed.

3. Work Underneath The Tile And Pry It Up

With a utility knife scrape away the grout. Once this has been accomplished, then it is simply a matter of using a putty knife, or some type of other similar tool to work underneath the tile and pry it up. This may take some time and should be done slowly. Once the first tile is removed it is easy to work more quickly progressing out from the center of the room.

4. Be Careful Around Broken Tile Pieces

As an added note, most tiles can be expected to break during the removal process. Those removing old ceramic tile should exercise caution to avoid being cut by sharp objects such as broken tile.

5. Have Buckets and Other Similar Objects On Hand

One important aspect of tile removal is the cleanup process. Having buckets and other similar things on hand to load up and haul away broken fragments of tile is the final step in the process. Once the room has been completely cleaned and all tiles have been removed the new tile project can begin. New tile can add considerably to the overall appeal of any interior space.

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