Hints and Tips for Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Posted on Thursday, 25th December 2014

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Considered by many professionals to be one of the best remodeling “return on investment” projects, a bathroom remodel can enhance a home considerably. Here are a few simple hints and tips for bathroom remodeling projects that can get a project off to a great start.

1. Apply Two Coats of Semi-Gloss Paint

When painting the walls in the bathroom, consider always applying at least two coats and using semi-gloss paint. This is important as a way to withstand heavy moisture commonly found in the bathroom environment.

2. Carefully Plan Countertop Replacement**

Another key strategy for getting the most out of a bathroom-remodeling project is to carefully plan countertop replacement. Choosing the right type of countertop can make a big difference in how a project ultimately turns out. With many affordable options available to homeowners today, it is good to shop around for the best deal on the highest quality countertops available. Always ensure that the colors will work well with the other elements of a bathroom remodel. Coordinating colors and thinking ahead in terms of style is essential to a successful finished project.

3. Install a Backsplash Behind the Sink

Equally important is to consider installing a backsplash in the bathroom sink area. This can be decorative and functional and will enhance the overall appearance of a bathroom. Best of all, a backsplash is easy to install, affordable and comes in many styles, designs and themes.

4. Add Tile to the Walls and Floor of the Shower

Another great idea is to consider adding tile to the walls and floor of a shower or tub area. This is a great way to add a level of elegance to the bathroom in an affordable and relatively simple way. Other options that are even less expensive include simply re-grouting existing tile. Even simply changing the color of the grout can change the whole character of a bathroom.

Adding Value To A Home Is Almost Certain

Whether a bathroom remodel is a do-it-yourself project or a professional contractor is called in, one thing is certain—adding value to a home is almost certain when a bathroom project is done correctly. Take advantage of these simple hints and tips for bathroom remodeling as a way to guarantee that a project meets your expectations.

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