General Residential Roof Care Tips

Posted on Wednesday, 11th March 2015

3 Tips for Residential Roof Care

Residential homeowners have many responsibilities when it comes to caring for a roof over the long term. Following these simple and important general residential roof care tips can go a long way in helping to ensure that water damage does not occur and that a roof maintains its integrity through all types of weather.

1. Minimize the Amount of Walking on a Roof

One of the best strategies for reducing roofing related damage is to always minimize the amount of walking that is done on a roof. From conducting a general inspection to retrieving items that have fallen onto a roof, there are many reasons that homeowners choose to walk on a roof. However, if it is at all possible using some type of retrieval device such as a broom is often a better option.

When shingles are brittle in cold weather or during other times, walking on a roof is a sure way to cause a leak where there was not previously a leak. When it is absolutely necessary to walk on a roof, it is important to walk gently and carefully. The best time to walk on the roof is in the early morning before the sun has had time to heat up the roof. This will help to reduce the chances of roofing related damage.

2. Avoid Using A Pressure Washer To Clean A Roof

Equally important is to avoid using a pressure washer to clean a roof. Pressure washers have been known to loosen up roofing material and cause leaks and damage. In short, a pressure washer can reduce the useful life of a roof considerably. If pressure washing is absolutely necessary, it is recommended to then hire a professional pressure washing company.

3. Using Zinc Stripping Instead of Bleach to Clean a Roof

Avoid the use of bleach when cleaning a roof. Bleach is a corrosive substance that can actually cause more harm than good when it comes to cleaning a roof. Toxic substances used on a roof can work their way into gutters and even into groundwater. Using zinc stripping on and around a roof is often a better option for reducing algae and other growth. Avoiding the use of bleach is a smart strategy for extending the life of a typical residential roof.

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