Discover The Benefits Of Composite Slate Roofing Products

Posted on Saturday, 24th January 2015

Consumers have many options available today with regard to roofing products. From metal roofing to tile roofing and asphalt roofing, the possibilities are endless. One unique type of roofing material that has grown in popularity across the country in recent years is a product known as composite slate roofing.

Less Expensive But Just As Beautiful

This is a high quality-roofing product that is far less expensive than genuine slate roofing. Perhaps most notable of all with regard to composite roofing products that look strikingly similar to genuine slate roofing is that they have a natural appearance that is stunning and attractive. Best of all, these products not only look great but they are far less expensive than natural slate shingles. Those wishing to save money without compromising quality are increasingly turning to quality composite products.

The product is fire retardant and comes in a broad range of unique and beautiful colors that are distinctive and impress in many ways.

Lightweight And Easy To Install

Considered lightweight and easy to install, this is a product that has real value in a wide range of residential and commercial roofing applications. As consumers look for more innovative ways to protect a structure in a cost-effective manner, they are increasingly turning to a wide variety of composite materials. The product is easy to work with, is easy to install, and is virtually maintenance free year-round.

Resistant To The Freeze And Thaw Cycle

Another important aspect of choosing this type of composite material is that it is highly resistant to the freeze and thaw cycle. This simply means that a roof that is comprised of composite material will last longer and resist the elements better.

Outlast Many Other Types Of Roofing Products

In addition, composite roofing material is amazingly durable and engineered to last far longer than other types of roofing products and even real slate. In fact, there are many composite roofing materials on the market today that can easily last half a century or longer. These products have been carefully engineered, crafted and designed to outlast many other types of roofing products.

Explore all that composite roofing material makes possible on your next residential or commercial roofing project. From repairing an existing roof to replacing an entire roof, working with an experienced roofing contractor is always the best option.

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