Composite Slate Roofing Products 101

Posted on Thursday, 2nd April 2015

What Are Composite Slate Roofing Products?

Roofing slate come in wide array of composition and style. Some of the most common options include: metal, clay, and even asphalt roofing. Recently, composite slate roofing has gained widespread popularity due to its low cost, durability, and high quality.

The Constitution of Composite Slate

Just like composite wood is made up of every tree imaginable, composite slate is an amalgamation of substances. Composite slate is typically made from fiber-reinforced cement, recycled plastic, recycled rubber, wood chips, and clay tile. These various substances are fragmented, and then pressed together, forming light weight composite slates for roofing.

Lightweight, Simple Installation

Composite roofing has gained credibility because it is almost indistinguishable from genuine slate, and its natural appearance blends in with the surrounding landscape. Genuine slate is extremely heavy, and thus, difficult and expensive for roofers to install and stressful on the house. Overtime the stress can build up, causing homeowners to add costly structural support. Composite slate is amongst the lightest option available to roofers, and has been proven exceptionally durable.

Advantages of Composite Slate

Weather resistance is something every roofer assesses when planning installation. Indeed, the main function of the roof itself is to protect against the bombardment of the elements. Surprisingly, inexpensive, lightweight, composite slate has been shown to protect against the elements superbly. This is especially important when considered in the context of the sweltering Arizona heat. At Gryphon Roofing, we pride ourselves in protecting customers from the inhospitable climate of the desert. And during the rare case that it actually rains in Phoenix, Arizona, slate has been shown to withstand the pelting of rain better than any natural material available.

In summation, composite slate is cheaper, lighter, durable, and it looks great. Choosing composite slate to protect your home is a no brainer.

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