Common Causes of Roof Damage

Posted on Friday, 27th January 2023

As great as our roofs appear when they’re new, they unfortunately don’t stay this way.

All sorts of roof damage factors can lead to a need for a repair, even a replacement over time. And there’s a good reason for needing to do this: the longer your home has some of its roof broken or at least exposed to the elements, the more your home is at risk. Water and moisture can work their way through these open spots, which can lead to everything from the growth of black mold to structural problems.

There are certainly many common causes of roof damage, some which can cause them to wear out over time due to wear and tear, and some incidents can instantly cause you to contact an insurance company and a roofing company.

At Gryphon Roofing, we face the unique challenge of roof maintenance in the desert. There are of course some benefits. That is, we enjoy the convenience of avoiding the deleterious effects snow has upon roofs. But, the brittle, scorching summer sun, counterbalances the absence of winter. Indeed, the harsh dry climate takes a toll on your roof, and roof maintenance is required to protect against any of the following common causes of roof damage.

Arizona’s Summer Heat and Summer Storms

The most imminent threat to Arizona roofs occurs during late July and August, known by natives as the monsoon season. Most Arizona roofs are clay shingled, and these shingles are prone to cracking, especially during the brutal 120 degree heat. The threat to your home is compounded when you throw in the added threat of storm season capricious by nature. These violent rain storms roll in swift from the California coast, and often devastate the dry cracked roofs of Arizona, as they bombard roofs with tumultuous winds and heavy rain drops. Usually, maintenance calls increase drastically during monsoon season. But it's best to repair your roof before the monsoon hits, hence avoiding an annoying or devastating leak.

Some other possible roof damage causes include:

While you can’t do a lot about natural events like monsoons, you can still focus on prevention as much as possible. Contacting a roofing contractor like Gryphon to schedule an inspection is a smart idea. They can take a look at the condition of your roof, keeping in mind these common roof damage possibilities. They can give you a thumbs up if things look good, or some suggestions to help it stay in good shape.

Call the Pros

There is an added imperative for skill and grace when dealing with roofing in a desert climate. The use of sealants, an easy solution on the east coast to leaks and cracks, require extreme expertise in order to function properly in the desert. Indeed, this is not a do it yourself project. It is best to trust a qualified professional like Gryphon Roofing when dealing with the unique dangers posed to your roof in the Arizona desert.

Contact us to get an estimate of the cost for repair or replacement and a possible timeline to get the work done.


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